Business activities

  • Trust arrangements for security purposes as well as administrative trust services
  • in restructuring situations
  • in order to stabilize and improve the business situation of the company and
  • to coordinate different interests of shareholders, creditors and other potential shareholders

Professional restructuring management and double-sided trust structure

´╗┐The assignment of shares in the framework of a double-sided trust structure provides the possibility of implementing a professional restructuring, thereby avoiding insolvency proceedings. Investors have the opportunity to provide fresh money to a company in a distressed business environment.

W Special Situations provides the necessary knowhow for a professional restructuring management.

WSS Business activities
Starting points and interests

Starting points and interests

The company is in a business or organizational crisis.

The current creditors are generally willing to support a restructuring solution by providing additional financing or at least by entering into a standstill agreement. They expect a professional restructuring management and a secured repayment of their capital. A fire sale or the devaluation of collateral must be avoided.
The shareholders are unwilling or unable to provide fresh money to the company. They are, however, willing to improve the situation of the company by assigning their shares to a trusted party on the basis of a trust arrangement.
Loss of confidence between shareholders, management and creditors. The trustee ensures transparency regarding the actual business situation of the company in order to enable assessing and optimizing available future options - while ensuring maximum of confidentiality towards external parties.

A double-sided trust structure provides the possibility of constructive cooperation between the company, the shareholders, the creditors and the other stakeholders in order to overcome and solve a crisis situation.

The avoidance of a devaluation of the company and maintaining existing job opportunities are major factors for all parties involved.

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